Timberlake Tavern

The Venue


the Venue

With a gorgeous southern style porch, open floor plan, apartments, and a bridal suite, Timberlake Tavern has every convenience available for your event.

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the interior

Inside the tavern you will find an open and airy floor plan with beautiful fireplaces, oak floors, and white brick walls lined with panoramic windows.

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southern style porch

Perfect for an outdoor wedding, our large porch provides an intimate and natural backdrop for your nuptials. Our porch also doubles as a perfect cocktail area for corporate seminars and can be fitted with tables and seating.


the bridal suite and apartments

Two bedrooms located above the main floor allow the bridal party to relax, sip champaign, and share lasting impressions of this special event. We are also proud
to offer two additional apartments within Timberlake Tavern for any out of town
guests at your event. Click here to see our apartments on AirBNB.


toast the newlyweds

We are ready to serve you with a tiki bar located in a discreet location on our porch. Once the sun sets, get ready to party with a serviced bar and fairy lights.


ask about other ways that we can make your day special

Whether you are looking to take lakeside photos or are interested in having the perfect spot for out of town visitors to stay - we can be of assistance.